Psychological Counselling and Guidance

Keeping the developmental stages of students in mind, the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department aims to help students cope with difficulties before they turn into serious problems. Furthermore, the department supports students to raise social awareness, and helps them become compatible, communicative, healthy and creative individuals who are sensitive to their environment. The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Department, with its experienced staff, uses a student-centred approach and works not only with students but at the same time with teachers, administrators and parents in order to help students with issues such as getting used to school, knowing who they are and career guidance. It is the goal of our student-centred GCD to provide the best services to the students by utilizing modern guidance techniques in accordance with the needs of the school community. One of the GCD’s most important duties is to provide students with helpful information about their choices for higher education as well as their future professions.