Foreign Language

  At TED Northern Cyprus College, Modern language teaching programmes are structured in such a way as to consciously hone the skills needed for the changing profile of students in the 21st century. Under the umbrella of the TED Foreign Languages department, English language is compulsory for all levels within the K12 system, and all students are required to choose French or German as a second foreign language.
  As a general principle, the K12 English, French and German Languages Curricula acknowledge the importance of providing alternatives for students’ learning and self-evaluation to achieve optimum success for each student. The curricula encourage practices to make learning meaningful and appropriate to the needs of each student. Therefore, our aim is to create opportunities for students to:

  •  Communicate effectively using the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing
  •  Become actively involved in their own learning
  •  Communicate information in a meaningful way
  •  Express themselves effectively in various genres/registers according to different audiences and purposes
  •  Listen actively
  •  Anticipate the connection between literature and life
  •  Develop analytical and critical thinking skills
  •  Develop effective research skills
  •  Work cooperatively
  •  Develop effective study habits and strategies
  •  Become information-literate and thus life-long learners
  •  Demonstrate student autonomy by reflecting on their own learning
  •  Build awareness of different learning styles and gradually tailor their own learning style
  •  Build an appreciation of literature and enjoy literary works
  •  Appreciate and understand other cultures as well as their own
  •  Value different English and French or German language dialects