Academic Programs

TED Northern Cyprus College High School is one of the most prestigious and foremost educational institutions in North Cyprus. The high school adheres to the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture’s Regulations. Our basic aim is to provide an educational atmosphere open to improvements and the use of contemporary teaching methods. In order to enrich this atmosphere, we understand the necessity of being open to many different kinds of scientific and creative studies proposed by our students.

In this respect, TED Northern Cyprus College has targeted diversity while offering high school programs to its students. Our high school programmes:
• The Turkish National Programme by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)
• The International GCSE and A Level programme that align with the British Education system

Both programmes are designed rigorously to provide students with the necessary academic and social needs for their higher education at prosperous institutions in the Republic of Turkey and the United Kingdom as well as European universities and the United States.

Academic Programmes:

National Programme

In our Turkish National programme, we follow the TRNC Ministry of Education and Culture’s curriculum which encompasses core as well as elective art and science subjects. The medium of instruction is Turkish; nevertheless, English and secondary languages (French/German) are compulsory classes. The courses aim to prepare our students not just for higher education but also for life. Our focus is on twofold: 1. Academic success of our students; 2. Development of students’ talents through extracurricular activities.

IGCSE & A Level Programme

The IGCSE & A Level Programme strives to promote the highest standard of education that positively impacts the students’ approach to further education and life. All classes are taught through the medium of English apart from Turkish and Turkish history courses. Students meeting the requirements of the programme are given many opportunities to develop a kind of creativity and skill that will aid their academic performance in university and future life. In addition to the knowledge and skills gained from this program, students with A Level diplomas are being admitted to outstanding national and international universities. TED Northern Cyprus College has been approved as an affiliated test centre by Cambridge University International Examinations (CIE) as CY 063 code since 2013 in order to prepare students effectively for A-Level programmes and to provide the best education service to its students: TED Northern Cyprus College is an Affiliated Test Centre (CY063) for Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE) and Independent Centre for Pearson-Edexcel Qualifications (Centre Code: 97047). In October 2014, our school was also accepted as the Cambridge ESOL Exams preparation center.