1 May 2020

Let the 23rd of April (Children’s Day) to be celebrated for many more centuries;

TED Northern Cyprus College 2nd grade students and teachers celebrated the 23rd of April (Children’s Day) enthusiastically in their homes.
1 May 2020

Design A Room

TED College year 1 topic for this week was “At home”. the assigned project was to choose one room of their homes and recreate it! Enjoy…
1 May 2020

23th April Children’s Day Online Exhibit of Northern Cyprus TED College Grade 2 Students

Northern Cyprus Ted College grade 2 students had a online meeting at 21st of April about decoration activity of Children’s day. Students used origami technique with […]
29 April 2020

Online Education Continues

Due to the Corona virus we are far away from our school for a while. We are at home and  safe in order to get together […]