Sports and Arts

Our school has 2 indoor sports halls, one situated in the primary school building and the other is the main large sports hall with stadium seating. In the main sports hall school basketball and volleyball matches and training take place. There is also a half Olympic indoor swimming pool next to the main sports hall.

Each student at our school enjoys art lessons in our art studios equipped with the latest and highest quality art materials. Our school sees the arts as a unique and important vehicle for developing student creativity. Our art studios are equipped with sinks for the hygine of the students.

Music lessons with piano, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments are offered in our schools’ music studios. These lessons are complemented by the use of computers and projectors and supported by our rich collection of sheet music CDs and DVDs. In the primary school section our school’s aim is to teach students how to use their voices correctly and develop comparative thinking skills through exposure to both Turkish and international music styles. Towards this end, students are given basic instruction in rhythm and individual instruments as well as coordinated class performances. We try to expand the music culture of high school students by developing their level of aesthetic appreciation and encouraging students with special abilities in particular instruments.

At the beginning of each year, students are chosen to participate in the choir, or other music groups according to their personal wishes or by the nomination of their teachers. Students then perform in concerts throughout the year.

Our students are also able to use arts and sports workrooms when they start middle school. Students regularly use our sports and arts centre.