Our Directors / Our Founders



After graduating from the Turkish Military Academy in 1991, Ferhat Gündoğdu was educated in the field of Human Resources Management. Following the completion of his master’s degree in Sports Management Science at Ankara University Health Sciences Institute in 2004 and Business Management at Atatürk University Social Sciences Institute in 2006, he went on to complete his doctorate in Sports Management Science at Ankara University Faculty of Sports Sciences. During his 23-year service in the Turkish Armed Forces, he qualified for numerous “Outstanding Achievement in Duty Certificates of Appreciation” and “3 years of Professional Excellence Seniority”. He voluntarily retired from the rank of Senior Colonel in 2014.

Since 2014, he has been responsible for school investments under the umbrella of the Turkish Education Association and is still working as the School Investments and Planning Manager. In addition to his duty as the Director of TED Northern Cyprus College, he is also the Founding Representative of TED Van College.

Gündoğdu, who has an academic career besides his professional life, has published many articles and papers in the field of Sports Management. In addition to the courses he gives in his field, he still teaches School Opening Process and Management to graduate students of Management In Educational Institutions at TED University. Besides this, after many years serving as a referee, observer, educator and Board member within the body of the Turkish Football Federation, he served as the Chairman of the Central Arbitration Board from 2021-2022.

Gündoğdu, who is married with two daughters, is fluent in English.