Primary School

In the primary stage of TED Northern Cyprus College the educational programmes are determined by the ministry of education.

In the primary school period, which is the most important period of cognitive, emotional, physical and social development, an education model that prepares our students with care for the future and which brings forward research and creativity is aimed.

In TED Northern Cyprus College primary school, whilst students are taught reading and writing skills “the sound based sentence” method is used. By the help of this method students discover while learning without the need for memorisation. In the following years students are given opportunities to apply the critical thinking and research based skills they gained. In this environment, our students gain individual learning and teamwork skills and are encouraged to develop their communication skills by the help of project based learning. Through this programme students develop their self- confidence. TED Northern Cyprus College Private School offers the students all technological facilities needed for education.

TED Schools Elementary students from grade 3, 4 and 5 attend the Cambridge Young Learners (Starters, Movers and Flyers) exams, which they prepare according to their level and language level during the year, and certify their English proficiency with a certificate of international validity. From Primary grade one to primary grade four core curriculum lessons are taught by class teachers. On the other hand branch lessons are taught by the teachers qualified in that branch. However, in primary grade five all subject taught by the branch teachers. In order to prepare students for secondary school in grade four and five an hour of English Science and Mathematics lessons are added to the curriculum.

By the end of primary school; students are ready for the secondary school with the awareness democratic, national and international values and internalized the principles and reforms of Atatürk.

In primary school there are 44 hours of lessons in the weekly schedule. Lessons start at 8 o’clock and finish at 16:00. There is a lunch break between 12:00 -13:00.